At the heart of our business is the continued drive for excellence.

Through our actions, we aim to inspire clients, suppliers and the public to address the global challenges of plastic recycling, reprocessing and as a collective, reduce our carbon footprint.


Ours is a family philosophy

The Shabra team are ambitious and ours is a family philosophy – empowering one another to make a real difference.

Our team have made us who we are by their own work, & their belief that what we do is something bigger than each of us individually.

This is reflected in our work commitment and shared motive to significantly reduce the volume of unrecycled waste in Ireland.

shabra recycle ireland

We are determined to decrease the volume of unrecycled waste in Ireland.

We also believe that within Shabra, each of us have the tools to instigate real change that lasts. We want to embody that change and demonstrate how a closed circular economy and model of a highly efficient recycling and reprocessing plant should operate.

For that, we need you. No successful individual or company works in isolation, and it is only by connecting with like minded organisations, we can achieve our stated aims.

Our growing client list is testament to our work in this field in the last two decades, and we look to the future with hope, conviction and a burning desire to make the Shabra name internationally recognised.

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At Shabra, we know that our people are our greatest asset. Learn more about life at Shabra here.

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