Every day our actions define our relationship with the world…

and its finite resources. Since our inception, Shabra has always pursued a more sustainable approach to waste management, sharing this knowledge with customers and the general public.

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Our aim is clear

Minimise the usage of natural resources during production and the waste produced during consumption.

We practice what we preach and actively work with suppliers and customers that share this same vision.

“We are very much committed to sustainability and a circular economy and all the benefits that go with them.”

Rita Shah, CEO of Shabra

Our Sustainability Approach

As a manufacturer, recycler and reprocessor of postconsumer materials, our current approach to adhering to a more sustainable model is multifaceted.

Energy Consumption Monitoring

Energy monitoring on all aspects of the site to understand the energy for each activity, e.g. Sorting, washing, extruding, bag making, shredding, etc.

Water Usage Monitoring

Track water usage across the site to understand the various flow rates and inform future decisions with respect to optimisation and cost efficiency.

Rain Water Harvesting

Collect rain water on all roofs to recycle and channel to the appropriate manufacturing and production processes.

ISO 14001 & ISO 9001 Standards

As a company we adhere to ISO 14001 (environmental management) and ISO 9001 (quality management) standards.

LED Lighting

Company-wide installation which uses much less energy to provide the same amount of light as other forms of lighting.

Transportation Vehicle Upgrades

In 2021, we replaced older forklifts with more energy efficient models.

Existing Carbon Footprint

In the interest of transparency and as a guide to manage future efforts in promoting a more sustainable economy, the current carbon footprint of Shabra is displayed.

Reducing our carbon footprint (1,969 TCO2E) will continue to be a priority in the long-term. The sustainable measures mentioned above will be complemented by other features in the coming months (see Future Sustainability Goals below).


Additional insights into the processes behind these numbers include:

Sorted Material

Sorted and separated over 14,000 Tonnes of various types of plastic. We separate these plastics into single polymers so that they can be reprocessed into new products. An example of the different types of plastic are 2L milk containers, butter tubs, food trays, water and soft drink bottles.

Washed rPET flake

We produced over 7,000 tonnes of reprocessed PET flake which goes into making new plastic items such as water bottles and food trays.

Soft Films

We reprocess over 500 Tonnes of Irish LDPE film. We turn this post industrial waste into new packaging or plastic bags. We made 34million plastic bags last year.

When plastic is kept in Ireland for reprocessing, we use at least 12 times less Carbon in transport than when sending it to Continental Europe.

Future Sustainability Goals

As a company, we continue to strive and improve efficiencies within our business to make greater energy savings and reduce our carbon footprint. We are currently in the process of developing a structured roadmap that will take us to 2025 and beyond. This will take into account our current energy expenditure across all lines of the business and identify other areas where we can contribute to lasting change. Some of those aims include:

Data Driven Approach

Collecting, assimilating and understanding data across our business units, identifying trends and calls to action which can guide future decisions in our ‘Energy Reduction Programme’.

Solar Panels

Offsetting a portion of our energy consumption by using alternative and cost-effective methods to generate energy.

Water Utilisation Programme

Managing the consumption and expenditure of water, optimising usage and ensuring waste water is reduced or recycled.

Expand Reprocessing Facility

We aim to increase our rPET output by an additional 16,000 tonnes.

Eco-Friendly Fleet Management

Transitioning our vehicles to more carbon-neutral and eco-friendly alternatives to reduce their carbon emissions.

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