Closed Loop Recycling

At the heart of our mission is the efficient use of plastics within a closed loop cycle. This is the process of recycling and reusing products without material loss, consuming fewer raw materials and reducing waste.

At Shabra,Closed Loop Recycling is in our DNA and influences every decision we make as a business.

1 .
Pick up waste

Plastic packaging from back door

2 .
Collect from waste collectors & councils

Industrial & post consumer waste (LDPE / PET / HDPE)

3 .

Via automated sorting equipment

4 .

Segregate, Wash & Dry Waste to make raw recyclate material

5 .

To customer specifications

6 .

To customers

There is a growing responsibility for Irish companies

To manage their carbon footprint with increased emphasis on creating a structure where businesses can embrace a circular economy model – keeping materials, components, and products in-use in the economy for as long as possible.

To achieve these goals, the team at Shabra focus on three key areas.

Recycling and Reprocessing

Collecting, sorting and reprocessing industrial, commercial and post-consumer recyclable waste.

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Delivering a high-quality range of plastic items and catering disposables through our online store.

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Engaging with the public, organising community initiatives and offering advice on how to improve waste efficiencies for both individuals and businesses.

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