A business based that is based more on values than profits

At Shabra we are always looking for opportunities to create a healthier and greener tomorrow. All our efforts and processes are dominated by a single thought of serving the environment to its best possible needs. All our manufacturing units and people working in them understand their responsibilities and create only those products that are beneficial to both society and nature.  This phenomenon can be seen in all our products that we have manufactured thus far.

In our manufacturing units we have very stylishly used bottles and plastics to come up with products that are both artistic and durable. From the very start, we have based our business more on trust than profit.  This is why, from our manufacturing to our branding we make sure that our vision is highlighted and appreciated.  We realized the scope in recycling industry and hazards if it isn’t properly followed. We didn’t only change our style and approach to work, but encouraged others in business to switch to organic methodology of business.

Today, we are spreading our message through our work and products. We are proud to be associated with the line of products that can be used by people in their day to day purposes. Products such as Aluminium foils, bags, tissue papers, medical kits, and many others are sold at our stores at an exclusive price range. We all know how much waste is collected and produced on daily basis and we work hard to make sure that the waste produced is properly used.

Recycling as a process if used properly has its cost benefits as well. It helps in generating employment and keeps manufacturing cost in check. As we move forward in the world of advance technology, recycling is the only the way to look ahead. Even statisticians and environmental experts are now advocating the use of more and more recycled products.  We care about our nature and people; this is why we use this process with great effect and pride.