Benefits of going green

You will agree that ‘Go Green’, has been the most used catch phrase of this decade so far. We hear about it everywhere; in daily commercials, during our favorite shows, in magazines and on the web. Undoubtedly there are many benefits of going green but before examining its benefits, it is important for us to understand what ‘Go Green’ actually means and why it is important for the world we are living in.

Living green or going green refers to the way of life that contributes towards maintaining the natural ecological balance in the environment, and preserving the planet and its natural systems and resources. This entire process of preserving natural resources not only benefits our environment but is also crucial for our civilizations growth.
It will not be wrong to assume that if more and more people seek to live a greener life by reducing the pollution and carbon footprints, we can enjoy and breathe better quality of air, which is not only good for our health but is also vital for our future generations.

The quality of air we breathe in definitely has an impact on our health. According to the World Health Organization, air pollution is estimated to cause about 2 million premature deaths worldwide every year. Common air pollutants like lead have been found to be associated with behavioral problems, learning deficits and lowered IQ in young children. Such kinds of environmental threats can only be reduced by going green. This is why more and more industries worldwide are now shifting towards process of recycling.

In addition, the health of our environment also has an impact on the quality of our food we eat. It would be hard to imagine how we can remain healthy if we are drinking polluted water and eating food contaminated with chemicals (For example: fish with heavy metal contamination, vegetables exposed to acid rain, etc) for long periods.
There is no argument to the fact that by keeping our air and environment cleaner, we are actually building a healthier environment for ourselves, our loved ones and our future generations. When the human race strives towards living a green life on earth, we would have less fear of the impact of extreme temperatures and climate changes brought about by global warming.