Commercial and Residential Uses of Plastics

Plastic is most widely used material that is use for making all kinds of household items. Many products are created from using different types of plastics. Plastics are light in weight and they have excellent strength for holding and carrying stuff into. Plastic products are reliable and they can be made cheaply, this is the reason why plastic is used more commonly nowadays to create daily use products. Plastic bags and plastic bottles are main products in our daily use. They are used all over the world.


Plastic is an excellent material and products created form it really helps us in our daily lives. Although it is good in our everyday use but it is not good for the environment. Plastic waste is the biggest reason of pollution. The reason is because of its disposal method. Plastic is manufactured through petroleum. It cannot be burned away normally as it releases harmful gases that affect our atmosphere. The only way of their disposal is by land filling. Land filling is the process in which waste materials are buried underground where they are left to dissolve into nature. But plastic don’t dissolve into land easily, it takes very long time to dissolve that is why it is not good to use plastic in landfill. We throw away lots of plastic waste daily which ends up in landfill, by comparing the amount of plastic waste we throw with the land it is use for keeping it. We can assume how much land is wasted on it.

To eliminate this problem, we can recycle our plastic wastes. Many types of plastics can now be recycled. Plastic recycling process involves first processing any used plastic product and making a new product out of it. Plastic is first melted or break down then it is heated and molded into new products.

We do plastic recycling and are the only company in Ireland which does so. We have advance recycling methods for all kinds of plastics and other kinds of waste materials. Recycling benefits the surroundings in many ways than we can imagine. It keeps the air, area, and water fresh.