Different Uses of Recycled Plastic Products

Recycled plastic Products are environmentally friendly, durable and flexible, making it a particularly suitable alternative to more traditional materials when it is used to make a number of products. Recycling your plastic bottles and packaging has never been more important, but you can also recycle your plastic by simply using it again.


If you like gardening then you will be able to find plenty of uses for plastic. Plastic is durable and very robust against the elements, so put it to use as seed markers in the soil, or use a sturdy bottle to fashion a small spade for use in the garden when planting seeds or weeding. If you want a fun project for kids then save up your plastic pots and containers to use them for planting seeds. This also allows you to teach children about the natural world at the same time

Large plastic bottles make excellent bird feeders. Chop off the bottom of a bottle so it is a few inches high, cut a hole in two opposite sites, poke a stick through, then fill the bottom with bird feed. Make another couple of holes to attach a piece of string then hang it from a branch or your window and you’ve got a nifty little bird feeder.

Haven’t got the money to buy lots of new jewellery? Make it yourself! Some companies now specialise in jewellery made from recycled materials of all sorts, and recycled plastic is ideal. Colourful, long lasting and versatile, your imagination is the limit.

There are countless uses for recycled plastic around the home. Some companies produce items of furniture made exclusively from recycled plastic, but you don’t have to make your own furniture. Instead, you can create photo frames, decorations and lamps from plastic that you would otherwise throw away. Let your creativity go wild!

If you really want to get creative then you can use plastic for your very own art project. Kids will have great fun doing this, and it’s a great way to teach them about recycling.