Go green this Christmas use only recycled products

Christmas is a festival of joy and love, it is a festival where we all wish to stay happy, healthy and live long. But are these wishes just going to be fulfilled on their own or are there some promises to be made and fulfilled. We all want to stay and live in a healthy environment but never make enough efforts to make that happen. So coming holidays, let’s promise ourselves to make this Christmas greener than ever, using recycled products thereby saving out on lots of raw materials and plants wastage. Going green slogan or resolution isn’t going to benefit our environment at all till the time we are not going take any active participation in it. And this is what we at Shabra Group keep in mind all the time.

Deciding to go green means finding effective ways to reduce your energy consumption while increasing the number of products you recycle or reuse in your home. The goal of going green is to significantly reduce your family’s contribution to waste production, greenhouse gas emissions and consumption of natural resources. Recycling is an important part of going green and this is how we can make our contribution into this noble cause.

1) Reduce the number of products and energy you consume. By reducing consumption you help conserve natural resources and keep waste out of landfill. By keeping waste out of landfill the environment will be clean and GREEN

2) Recycle glass, paper, aluminum and metal used in your home. In your home, set up recycle bins so it’s easy for all family members to participate.

3) Buy products that are recyclable and made from recycled products for example plastic bottles and containers labeled with a number 1 or 2 inside a triangle.

4) Make the switch to energy efficient appliances, light bulbs and electronics. Look for the electronics labeled with the Energy star logo. The logo indicates that the product is designed to be energy efficient and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

If we all make some efforts towards using recycled products and going green, we all will have a better and healthy future. At Shabra group, we promote this cause. We are the pioneers in this field and encourage more and more people to join us in our efforts towards making our plant greener and healthier. You can visit any of our online stores, to know more about our products and services.