How recycling is combating the pollution levels in Ireland

There are always going to be environmental benefits of recycling, regardless of the times we live in. Especially in a world like today, where natural resources (eg. fuels, metals, etc) and energy are being used up at an alarming rate, rapid deforestation is wiping out the earth’s forests and massive tons of waste is produced every second, the importance of recycling (and reducing and reusing) cannot be over-emphasized. The biggest benefit recycling brings to our nature is that it reduces pollution. All the countries around the world are now stepping up to the challenge of combating waste and environmental stress. Ireland itself is marching progressively in this direction with visionaries like Shabra group.

The manufacturing process (including the extraction of unused materials from the earth) for many products releases waste that pollutes the environment. For example, chemicals used in the manufacturing process contribute to water pollution, especially if the contaminated water is not properly treated before it is disposed of to the environment. The power plants that provide the given energy needed in the manufacturing process produce gases that pollute the air.

Hence, when we reduce and reuse (instead of buying new things all the time), and we recycle (instead of using own fresh materials), we reduce the pollution that results from manufacturing of the new products. We can also minimize pollution from the burning of fuel in power plants that generate energy needed in the manufacturing process. These constitute part of the benefits of recycling.

Other important area where recycling is helpful to our environment is:

The amounts of resources on the earth’s surface are finite. Fossil fuels and metals cannot be replenished by nature within our lifetime. And more we extract these resources the less we leave for ourselves, and our future generations. Recycling reduces our dependency on raw materials, less resource are required to be planted, grown and harvested or extract from underground and we require less space in which to propagate these material. Amongst the benefits of recycling is its importance in conserving energy. It takes lesser amount of energy to make products using recycled materials as compared making products from raw materials. This is the reason why some prominent groups in Ireland are now switching to recycled brand of products. Ad they understand the effects of these products on our daily lives and our nature.