How successful companies use recycled products

In the present global scenario, resources are getting depleted very fast. To save the natural resources we need to take measures that are quick and result oriented. Among such tried and tested processes recycling definitely is one valiant option.

Recycling when taken and implied on a large scale can make a huge impact on the society. That is why it is very important that big scale industries should use there own recycling programs so they know how resources can be used in an efficient manner.

There are many companies around the world that have started following recycling programs seriously. Not only these companies are serious about their initiatives but are also making some profitable deeds. Such initiatives by these reputed brands are making difference in a big way. No only they are supporting the environment but are also inspiring other companies to follow the same process.

Here is a small list of some big companies that are using recycling seriously and are doing a great job with it:

  • Company UPS  has many stores in the US which offer a one step repair service for customers who want there damaged laptops to be repaired. The unwanted and defective laptops are refurbished and resold. The rest of the computers are put on sale on e-waste recycler were it can be reused.


  • The company Nucor is the biggest steel producing industry which is based in North America. It has built many small furnaces near the junkyard across the US and has the largest scrap recycler. Around 9 million cars are recycled on an annual basis which is a big achievement for any steel company.



  • The company Ingram micro which is the largest technology distributor which is operating in 6 continents. The $36 billion company has now started to handle the problem of electronic waste which has become a big problem today. It even helps the clients throughout its distributors.


  • The company GM motors is also playing a vital role in recycling. It is the largest automaker that makes around $20,000 in a month off cardboard recycling. When a company can save so much just by recycling cardboard, then other big companies can also save even more by recycling.


  • Shabra in Ireland are the largest manufacturers of the recycled products in the entire Ireland. They use recycling to great effect and manufactures products that can be used in our daily lives. Products produced are of optimum quality and are available at an affordable price range.


More and more companies are focusing on this process. People also in general like the results both in terms of quality and prices of these products. Therefore, it will not be wrong to say that recycling is slowly becoming a normal form with big a company which definitely is good news.


About the Author: James Watt is a renowned environmentalist who stress hard on the use of recycled products for the welfare of our society and environment. In his campaigns and articles, he stresses upon the significance of using recycled products and promotes his ideas on all social media platforms. He loved and respected among his peers and colleagues for his knowledge and understanding.