Power of green

Imagine a world without energy crises. Now for all of you who think that it is possible but not without superior technology, you are wrong. This is very much possible in our time frame with the resources we have, if only we use them smartly. Recycling in today’s world has given a scenario, which is existing and practical, how?? Let’s explain it by giving a simple example: To recycle a product you only need 50% of energy of what is actually required.  This means every time you recycle a product, you save 50% of energy. Now, imagine the scope we will have if this process is made imperative in all the industries.

Going green is not only going to generate required energy that we need but will also help us in other ways as well. Firstly, it will generate new employment opportunities, different kinds of revenue sources will be generated if this process is carried out diligently. It is estimated that most European industries that use this process are achieving some astonishing financial benefits. Second benefit of using this process is that it will reduce the pile of junk that is filing up our landfills.

Now most people would say that landfills are there for specific reasons. They are right but if you look at bigger picture these landfills offer less than what they actually take.  They consume large chunk of land on which they are built. In some instances, where they are not properly maintained they can possibly end up ruining the land.  This is why it is imperative to bring them down. Some countries in Europe like Spain had already achieved a remarkable success in bringing these landfills down.  Landfills are nothing but the amount of waste produced from our activities on daily basis, if we can recycle that waste creatively we can use it again.

Technology and zeal of people to promote this process has enabled us to produce excellent quality of products using this process. In last few years, going green has become more than a slogan. It has become an approach that is effective and achievable.  Awareness campaigns and active participation of people is only pushing this cause in right direction. People associated with promoting this cause are quite upbeat about the results they are witnessing.  The more people follow the process of recycling seriously the more it is beneficial for our environment.