Understanding plastic recycling and reprocessing

In today’s technologically driven world consumerism and industrialization are rapidly destroying the environment and its natural resources, causing irreversible damage. The rate at which we are consuming our natural resources is both alarming and concerning. Today, we confront a situation where most of our resources are in danger of being totally wiped out. This threatening scenario has forced the geniuses to introduce something that could be beneficial to our planet and society, hence plastics were introduced.  And it didn’t took them long to become the part of our daily routine. They became an instant hit with people because of their light weight and durability.

Today, when varieties of products are manufactured using plastics, rise in its demand has caused another headache. As we know that plastic is not easy to dump and that results in more pollution and depletion of natural balance. This is why to maintain the natural harmony of our planet, it was and is necessary to recycle and reprocess the plastic products instead of dumping it into landfills.

Most of renowned companies all over the world have set up their recycled units that specialize in recycling and reprocessing of plastics. This phenomena has not only

The recycling and reprocessing of plastic consists of five stages:

First stage: In this stage sorting of the plastic is done.  Waste plastic that needs to be recycled is collected and that plastic then is sorted in different types.

Second stage:  Here separation of waste plastic is done. After cleansing process comes into play all the impurities, labels are removed to maintain the quality of product.

Third stage: In this stage shredding of plastic is done in here waste plastic is loaded to the conveyer belts which further moves the clean scrap towards the metal teeth which keeps on rotating on its axis which cuts the big pieces of plastic into small pieces . These pallets are now ready for testing process.

Fourth stage: Plastic is chemically tested in this stage; its specifications are tagged. This plastic is named as Grade plastic which can be mixed with clean plastic for further manufacturing.

Fifth stage: This stage is called extruding stage and this is the final stage. It involves melting up of clean scrap and further converted it into pallets. After this stage the scrap plastic is ready to manufacture new plastic products.

Due to the increase in the demand of plastic products ,the  threats from non-biodegradable scraps like plastic being filled in landfills has also increased, therefore it is urgent to address these factors from an critically. The quality of our life depends directly upon the quality of our planet. And we can only restore and save the shape and health of our planet, if use its resources carefully and smartly.


About the Author: Ronan Kane is a big supporter of recycled products. He has openly supported and applauded the efforts of the companies that are working progressively in this field.  He keeps a close eye on the companies that are working progressively in this field and mention them actively in his daily maintained posts and articles. His contribution in this field is well respected and he enjoys a mild celebrity status on all social media networks.