Understanding the efforts that have made recycling huge in Ireland

There is an ancient saying that in every small effort is hidden an acknowledgement of something big.  People and government in Ireland with their efforts in recycling have proven this saying again. In only a short span of time, not only Ireland has managed to reduce the waste in landfills but is now heading towards an attainment of recognition of being a ‘zero garbage’ country.

This achievement by no means is a stroke of luck. Credit for such an immaculate achievement must go to every effort that has been put in to achieve such result. So, let’s look deep into this process more and understand what Ireland is doing, which others have failed to do thus far.


Awareness Campaigns:  Educating people and raising urgency about an issue is a must for it to be heard and resolved. Ireland in this regards have done seriously well in reaching out to people. From schools to co-operative offices, awareness campaigns are well planned and properly organised. People were properly informed why this process is necessary and what its implications are if it is not carried out well.  Proper education on this subject has only helped people in this country.


Proper Layout:  Awareness alone cannot make all the difference; you need to have proper bodies to make sure that this process is carried out well. This is where contribution of private sector has come in handy. In early 2000’s, government invited help from private sectors to intervene in this process and they certainly played their hand. As per an estimate number of landfills; ever since private sector has taken over has considerably gone down.


Industrialisation:  There are many companies in Ireland that are focussing on this process. With use of techniques and will to create a healthy environment they have taken recycling to another level. These companies every year are churning out recycled good that are not only helping the environment but are also benefiting the economy.  The demand for these products in the market in itself explains the level of awareness they have towards an already depleting environment.


No single process can change things around.  There is a need for collective efforts from all ends to meet the desired targets. Our environment needs our support and recycling is one way of doing it.