Why plastic recycling cannot be ignored

We owe so much to the environment we live in; it has given us everything from food to eat and shelter to live, but our careless use of technology over the last few years has consumed most of the natural resources of our planet. Each day we take out in plenty from our planet without investing anything resourceful in it, as a result we find ourselves in a situation that is desperate and requires detailed analyses. Therefore, if we want to put in some serious efforts to save our planet, we have to start now and the best way to start this process is through recycling of plastic. Plastic recycling is one of the better ways to help our environment. One good reason to recycle plastic is that there is just so much of it.

Plastics are used in manufacturing incredible number of products that are used every day, such as beverage, food containers, trash bags, grocery bags, plastic cups, utensils, children’s toys, diapers, and bottles. This process can be used for everything from mouthwash and shampoo to glass cleaner and dish washing liquid. It is for this reason why it is a commonly used material for recycling. Studies show that natural degradation of plastic takes around 100 to 1000 years.

The first and foremost benefit of recycling plastic is for the conservation of petroleum, which is getting scarce. Large amount of petroleum is needed for making new plastic products and around 40% of the petroleum consumption can be reduced by recycling old ones to new products.

Other benefits of recycling plastic include reduction in the emission of greenhouse gases. In other words, greenhouse gases are emitted while burning petroleum and if the amount of petroleum used in making plastic is reduced through recycling, the emission of these gases will get lessened. Chemicals used in manufacturing of plastic can also pollute the soil along with water. Even the landfill space can be saved through the process of recycling. It is said that removal of one ton of plastic for recycling spares a landfill space of around 7.5 cubic yards. In short, plastic recycling is beneficial in all ways. So, stop throwing plastic and take efforts to promote its recycling.