Advantages of recycling plastic bottles

There is no denying to the fact that plastic bottles are easiest to manufacture and use.  It is for this reason; they are the most sold and purchased commodities all over the world. Such is the effect of these bottles that almost any food commodity or a liquid can be packed into it. This high usage of plastic bottles also has a flip side to it. The more these bottles are used the more they are thrown out, and it is only for this reason why we find high percentage of these bottles in the landfills. Therefore it is imperative that we use these bottles smartly.

Recycling as a process gives us a great scope to use these bottles intelligently within our system.  High percentage of recycled plastic bottles in the markets would mean less percentage of them in the landfills. Manufactures involved in this process are already using this process with great precision. Not only they are coming up with safe products but they are generating impressive numbers in terms of production.

Another notable benefit of using recycled plastic bottles is that it reduces the greenhouse gas emissions. As we all understand that manufacturing of new bottles requires much more raw materials and energy.  Therefore, process of recycling cuts down heavily on greenhouses gases. Fewer amounts of greenhouse gases in air are always a positive and healthy sign for the environment.

Benefits of this process doesn’t end here, in a study it was found that ton of plastic bottles when recycled helps save close to 3.5 barrels of petroleum.  Recycling bottles is not only good for environment but is also economically feasible.  The amount expenditure that goes in manufacturing new bottles is far more than what it comes for churning recycled bottles. Therefore from economic view point also this process is beneficial.  The demand for recycled bottles is only growing in the market and we can all contribute in it by purchasing and using these bottles for our daily purposes.