Some innovative ways of reusing garbage

We all are aware that situation of garbage and waste in our country and all over world is not looking good. Different measures and methods are taken to make sure that materials thrown are creatively used. Though, governments and industries are working out on ways to maintain favourable living conditions, still there is a lot we all can do to make a noticeable difference. If we want, we in our own little ways can do small bits of recycling at home and can make a big difference to our society. Recycling is nothing but reusing of existing products and materials. So, let’s understand the ways in which we can boost this process at our homes.


  • Preserving plastic tins or jugs: It is our general habit to throw away plastic tins when they are consumed. There isn’t much wrong with this but we can put them into better use. Like we can use them to water our plants instead of going for specific products in this range.


  • Innovative Key rings:  Most of us like wine, but not many think about using wine corks into proper use. We can maximise it by using them as key rings. We can run your creative mind around it and by using some colours and structures we can give these wine corks an artistic look.


  • Using old newspaper: We use table cloths and other materials to protect out tables from spills. This is a good habit, but it will be even better if we can replace table cloths with old newspapers.  You can use table cloths if you have guests for dinner, but for everyday meal they can act as a perfect replacement.


  • Cleaning Clothes:  Throwing off old or stained T-shirts and shirts is an impulsive habit but we can make a better use of it. We can use these shirts as dusting clothes or even use them to remove spills in garage.


  • Use bread loaves more smartly:  Agreed that bread loves are not delicious in tastes but simply throwing them away doesn’t help either. We can dry them out and can turn them into breadcrumbs that can be used in preparation of further food items.


These are few creative ideas that we can implement in our daily lives to contribute towards our environment.  Recycling is the need of an hour and we can all contribute in it in our own simple ways.