How recycling protects our society and environment

Recycling as a process is appreciated for its multiple benefits. Not only this process protects our society and environment but also attributes at maintaining proper environmental balance. The effects of this process are not only good for our society but are also beneficial to the environment on a whole.  Surveys and studies have shown how this process is positively having an impact on our environment as a whole. In recent few years the amount and numbers of landfills have gone down considerably. Result of this process has not only seen economic gains but also some positive results on plants and animals. Let’s dive deep into these benefits and try to understand the imperativeness of recycling on our society as a whole.


Positive impact on natural resources:


The biggest concern of environmentalists and governments around the world is fast depletion of our natural resources.  We are losing our forests and plantations at an alarming rate and this is not serving us in a right way. To stop this we need to depend upon methods that are safe for the environment and feasible for the economy and recycling solves both these concerns elegantly. For production of new materials, fresh resources are required and these resources are derived from cutting of forests and natural resources. Through recycling, we are able to reuse these resources and are able to yield same quality products at much lower prices. Governments all over the world are pressing the case of this process progressively as they see a real light from this method and technology.


Effects on environment:


We all have to agree that biggest threat to our environment comes from industrial wastes. Engine oils that are wasted are thrown into waters, which not only make them dangerous for drinking but also hazardous for habitants under water. If we smartly recycle engine oil, we can save our rivers and water from getting contaminated.  Surveys have shown that a gallon of one engine oil can contaminate 8 gallons of fresh water.

Not only from engine oil but our marine life also has to face challenges that are poised from waste of plastics and debris. This waste also to an extent is thrown into water, contaminating it much further. Therefore, change in this direction demands an immediate action. With the process of recycling leading the way in this direction the future looks promising.


It is clear that we need recycling on a serious level to not only negate environmental threats but also preserve our natural resources. As citizens, it is our responsibility to take active part in making sure that we not only follow these techniques but also promote it on a much wider scale. If we all pursue recycling with a healthy spirit, we definitely will be able to make a positive difference to our environment and society.