Some interesting facts about plastic recycling

We all know what difference recycling is making in our daily lives. This process is growing strong and is changing the way we live our lives.  Among many products that have been recycled and re-used, recycling of plastic has made the most significant difference. Plastic is used on daily basis and is difficult to decompose. This is why it was important that right technology was used to combat this problem and this is where recycling came into picture  This process to large extent had solved the issue of plastic wastage.  So, let’s read and understand more as to why plastic recycling is important and what benefits it has reaped so far:


  • It is estimated that plastics take around 1000 years to degrade.  This not only adds burden on landfills but also pollute our environment. Through recycling, we can put this process into better use.


  • It was found that one ton of recycled plastic saves approximately 685 gallons of oil and 5,774 Kwh of electricity. Now imagine how much energy we will be saved if more tons of plastic is recycled on daily basis all over the world.


  • Governments also in different parts of the world are making sure that dependency on plastic is reduced considerably.  Various awareness campaigns are set up; educating people why use of plastic is not good. In most countries use of aluminium is preferred over plastic.


  • Most of the plastic waste comes from the bottles that are carelessly thrown in landfills every year. We can save all this by drinking from recycled bottles. Reusable bottles help us save eliminate 100 disposable bottles every year.


  • Recycling of plastic takes 88% less energy as compared to making new plastic.


All the above mentioned points indicate why plastic recycling is such an important process. Already most countries are making sure that they make full use of these resources but still a lot of work needs to be done in this direction. This is why it is imperative that this process is taken seriously and planned out well. We can use plastic recycling to good effect; we can come out of the energy crises we find ourselves in.