What are effects of not recycling

We all know about the positive effects recycling is having on our environment. However, it is will be wise to look at this scenario from a different angle. We need to understand how important this process is and we can only measure it if we understand what will happen without it.  In last few years, all big industries are using this process aggressively to come up with results that are beneficial and effective.  This process is already sorting out lots of environmental concerns that have been haunting us for years.  So let’s read more as to why this process is so effective and why it is imperative for our society and environment.


  • Landfill Issues:  We all know that all the waste we dump goes straight into the landfills. Now, if we don’t recycle there is no way we can dump all that waste. This process gives us provision to use waste and come with new products. This not only benefits the economy but also helps in reducing waste.  All kinds of chemicals and gases and other harmful bacteria’s are released from these landfills if they are not cleaned. This is why; this process becomes imperative in such scenarios.
  • Threat to natural resources: Another area where we will be losing heavily is on our natural resources. We will end up losing all our natural habitats and resources if we keep falling back on resources from nature. Recycling, gives us an elegant solution of using already used raw materials to manufacture new products.  This is not only good for our environment but also for our fast depleting natural resources.


  • Damage to our water resources:  Most of the waste that is not utilized is thrown into rivers and water resources thereby damaging them and making them poisonous.  Process of recycling can very efficiently control this. This process can ensure that the waste produced by big industries is put to proper use rather than being thrown into water resources.


The positive results of recycling are very evident.  This process is giving great results and is solving lots of environmental issues. This is why, it won’t be wrong to say that this process is a necessity, something, we cannot do without.