Some known and unknown facts about recycling

Recycling is growing in every sector, in sphere. People are becoming more and more aware about this process and how it is done. They are now becoming more aware about how this method is absolutely imperative in today’s world. More and more people are now using and encouraging the use of these products for their daily household work.  Every major industry in the world is changing its working structure and basing it as per the new recycling model.  With this growing phenomenon it is imperative to understand what this process is and why it is absolutely essential in today’s world.  So let’s read more into some facts of this process to understand its significance.


  • Recycling of 100 aluminium cans can produce electricity to light up your bedroom for 2 full days.  This is why large amount of cans are collected through various sources so that they can be put to proper use through this process.


  • On the topic of aluminium cans, recycled cans can save energy up to 95%, which otherwise will be used in manufacturing new ones.


  • Of the total waste that is there in the world, we are only recycling 35% of it. This is the scope that we are missing out on. Imagine how much energy and space we can save, if we can start recycling the entire 75% of the waste that is lying useless in our landfills.


  • On a positive side of recycling, paper recycling since 1990 has increased to 89%.


  • It was found in recent studies that an average person creates 4 pounds of trash every day.  If we further calculate this, it is will result into 1.5 tons every year. With little bit of more awareness and education on this subject, we can sure bring this number down significantly.


  • In another survey it was found that of all the waste that is filled up in landfills every year, we can actually recycle 60% of it.


  • Technology at its own front is making a significant progress in this dimension, now with the help of new technology 80% of the vehicles can be recycled


  • If we can recycle all the cans in United Kingdom, we would need 14 million fewer dustbins.


These are only few facts that can be used to illustrate why this process is generating so much of curiosity among people all over the world. Today, we have pushed our environment to its limit. Therefore, if we don’t act smartly now, we might have to face some tough times in future.