Analysing the merits of recycling against its disadvantages

Recycling in today’s world has become more than a useful option.  Every industry big or small is now using this process to manufactures goods and products to save money and environment. Today recycling is successfully done in every sector and industry. From garments to pharmaceuticals to restaurants, everyone is confidently using this technique to deliver results that are both beneficial to our society and nature.  Although recycling is proving to be the most effective technique in restoring the balance in the nature, still there remain few concerns that need to be addressed properly.  We cannot call these points as criticisms against this process but it will be good to a have look at them understand them properly.


  • This process produces dangerous Methane gases which if not properly controlled can lead global warming and ozone depletion. This is where awareness for this process becomes so vital. Companies and industries involved in carrying out this task need to make sure that they take all these points into proper consideration and make sure all the proper measures are taken to control the leakage of this gas in our environment.


  • Recycling equipment’s is not readily available. You need to spend good amount of money to procure these items. This at time does take the cost up but experts are looking for the solution. There are innovators in this field who are searching for the options and equipment’s that can carry out this process without pushing the costs up.


  • This process alone cannot guarantee all the success if it is not managed properly. Like any significant process this procedure also requires proper management. If this process is not properly handled it can leak out some harmful toxins that are not good for the environment. Now if these harmful toxins get added to the environment that will the entire purpose for which this process is set up. Therefore, we need to be careful with how we manage and carry out this exercise.


Yes this process is fairly new as compared to our traditional methods of using resources, but nonetheless this process gives us hope. It stems up a creative way of processing our resources that can procure them from depleting.  Like any other process this too requires little bit of refining and it will be all set to be used in an effective and healthy way.