Understanding more about plastic manufacturing process

Plastic recycling is important in more than one ways. It not only adds to the value of product but also reduces its cost. Gone are days when disposing plastic was a headache for environmentalist. Today, we have a proper system in place using which plastic can be recycled and turned into different products.  Today, we have machines that can ease this process significantly. So let’s look more into it and try to gauge better understanding of this process.  This process concentrates on turning products into useful daily use materials using plastic waste.  Process of plastic recycling is carried out in 4 different steps:


1)      In first step, raw materials and monomers are prepared

2)      Once the first step is completed, second step see polymerization reactions

3)      In third step, polymers are turned into polymer resins

4)      Once above mentioned steps are done and completed, final product is released


In the final stage of this process, collected material is heated, molded and is allowed to get cool and all these stages and intensity in which they are done depends upon the nature of the products. Here are 4 common ways using which this step is performed.


1)      Extrusion:  In this process pellets are heated and mixed in long chambers and then are cooled using air and water. Through this technique products like plastic films are made.


2)      Injection molding:  If products are heated using this process, pellets are heated mechanically and are forced under high pressure into a cooled mold. This process helps in manufacturing containers like butter and yogurt tubs


3)      Blow Molding: In this step, pallets are heated and compressed into liquid tube. The risen goes into chilled mold and compressed air is then blown into this tube.  This is the popular method that is used in manufacturing plastic bottles.


4)      Rotational Mold:  Here the pallets are first heated and then cooled; once this is done they are rotated in three dimensions. This rotation distributes the plastic evenly along the walls of mold.  Toys, furniture and other sporting equipment’s are made using this technique.


Plastic manufacturing and recycling is a process that has improved with time. Big co-operate industries are willingly spending good amount in this direction to boost up the productivity and this orders well for recycling industry. Today almost every household shop has items that are made using recycled plastic. This process in last few years had gone strong and coming years for it are looking promising.