Understanding plastic recycling in Ireland

Ireland has always been an aware nation. It has always whole heartedly participated in contributing towards the environment; and this is one of the main reasons why it had been voted as the best place to live in the world. Another thing that makes Ireland remarkable in world is its recycling process.  Along with other advance European nations, Ireland has been able to come up with its own strong recycling processing system.  So let’s understand more about plastic recycling in Ireland and figure why it is so significant.

In Ireland, this process is divided into different categories at household level and accordingly it is priced.  Since early 90’s more and more private companies have ventured in this arena and they are in charge of this department now.  For household purposes also waste is sorted in three categories and for each category there are three different bins: Green, Black and Brown.

Green bins were a part of system for long time but Black and Brown were introduced in 2007. Not only the waste is differently sorted but it is also charged differently. For example the waste that goes into landfills is charged higher than the other normal waste. This proper categorization and sorting of waste along with various other awareness campaigns have made a significant difference. Today, the household waste in Ireland has come down significantly.

People are becoming more aware on how these processes run and are making changes to their lifestyle accordingly.  Good awareness campaigns have done their bit to make sure that message of recycling spreads well in every county in Ireland. Each county has its own process in place but all of them work under one mission and that is to achieve ‘zero waste land’.

The problem of landfills exists everywhere in the world and every country in their own way is working towards it. However, some nations like Ireland have taken a huge lead in this direction.  Plastic recycling in Ireland is growing fast because of dedication and sincerity shown by private sectors and government houses. This growth is not only appreciable but also be followed as a role model for countries who are struggling to get this process in place.