Use of recycling in Garment Industries

The word “fashion” has become an integral part of our life. In order to look perfect and to mingle with the fashionable society, people wear fashionable clothes and shop regularly to make their wardrobes up-to-date which even through results in an attractive personality but also lead to overstuffed wardrobes. People don’t want to accommodate old fashioned clothes for a long time so they throw it away, which only adds to the garbage in the landfills. This not only increases the levels of waste but also makes the whole process very expensive.

Imagine the amount of waste that is stuffed out of each single house every year. The waste produced is not only massive in terms of number but also destructive in terms of effects. This is why Garment industry is looking at the process of recycling more seriously than ever.  Throwing of waste without reusing it is a sheer wastage of material, water and energy. This is why it is imperative that this approach is encouraged as used as much as possible.

In order to rise their standards in the market, every garment industry need to implement three R’s and they are:

1)      Reduce

2)      Reuse and

3)      Recycle

Industries has started using 100% recycled water in their production

Benefits of Recycling:

  • Each and every household waste textile can be recycled. Recycling of these products not only reduces solid wastes and pollution but also employ Texans.
  • They abridge solid waste which in turn reduces landfills space.
  • It Reduces carbon print and establishes sustainability.
  • The most impressive feature of this process is that it turns the garbage into new value added items.



If this process is processed systematically its results are beneficial and positive for both society and nature. Around 50% of the recycled textile waste is sold too developing countries. Recycled clothes are less expensive and are easily affordable even by the poorest section of the society. The mission of this process is to convert the textile waste into a usable textile for the users who can’t afford the new branded stuff. The more recycling is growing in garment sector the more its results are visible to the people.  More and more brands today are using this technique and producing stuff that has only improved their brands quality and image. In coming years this process is only going to grow and further improve.