Recycled products that are present and used in the market

In the last few years, industrialization is increasing at an accelerating pace. On one side where there are many positives of it, on the flip side, it increases the garbage rate too by grabbing huge landfills space which costs very high. Burning of solid waste leads to the production of harmful gases which is not good our environment.

Rising landfills obviously is a threat to our environment and most industries have responded to it creatively using recycling. This process is based on three R’s; these three R’s signify

1)      Minimum use of resources

2)      Usage of used material and

3)      Recycling of used products

The effects of this methodology are revolutionary. It has not only benefited the nature but also the economies.  Industries have set up separate divisions that collect these waste materials and process it out for an effective use.


So let’s look more in details to these products and the industries that are using it.

  • Plastic Industry: Using recycling in this industry we can prepare, stuffed bags, toys, pillows etc. We can also use plastics in manufacturing containers, plastic bags, utensils, toys and many other related products. Recycling of these plastic products also help overcome consumption of petroleum in new plastic products.


  • Paper Industry:  Paper is the most common and important item for a simple reason that it used on a massive scale. As we know that paper can be 100% recycled and recycling of it saves thousands of trees. Using recycled paper variety of eco-friendly products can be made such as: toilet papers, tissues, printing paper, greeting cards, paper towels, cardboards, paperboards etc.



  • Health Care Industry: This industry has also accepted recycling process and practicing by dividing the garbage into two parts: biodegradable and non-biodegradable garbage.


  • Textile Industry: Most of the recognized brands present in the market have started offering an exchange scheme on their garments, which means you can exchange your old pair of jeans with new ones. This process allows companies to use more materials than waste it.

There are many more products available in the markets which are manufactured using recycling. Today almost all the companies and communities are promoting recycling by following three R’s strategy and have started realizing the importance of this process.  Even though this process has come a long way, still a lot of awareness about it is by people to use this process more effectively.