Vision of Future: A world without waste

The degree of any action done in present is measured with an estimation of result it will produce in future. This is how every process in the past had been measured and this is how recycling is also looked at. The most important thing about this process is to understand the vision behind it. Recycling for many reasons is looked as one of the most prominent process that can curb waste. This process works on a principle of reusing waste in best possible way. Thanks to this process today, materials that were left alone in landfills are now being properly processed.

Plastic bottles, electric equipment’s, cardboard and other household things, which once were thrown in landfills after use are being processed and put to use again . This process very elegantly has combined technology with resources to produce some exciting results. As this process enters a new stage of its evolution, it is necessary to understand what it holds and what its vision is.

Most European countries have set themselves a target of ‘zero waste’. This means no waste materials, no landfills and most importantly no imbalance in nature. Some countries have already made great progress towards this direction, which is good news for both our environment and society. Though the vision is great but that doesn’t mean that the path to it is simple. Recycling on its way has its own challenges.

Most parts in Asia are still unaware about this process and are not using it to its fullest extent. Also, the technology required to achieve ‘Zero waste’ vision is still not there. Yes, we have progressed in terms of our technology but still a lot more efforts have to go in to make it hundred percent effective and reliable. Our future generation already has a lot on their shoulders in terms of responsibility and our rapid increasing population is not helping things either. Therefore, we need to make sure that in terms of technology we make ourselves so efficient that we can diminish landfills and make the best use of available land. Not only land, but with no waste, we can achieve a lot of things, which at the minute look impossible.