Overview of recycling in European countries

European countries are considered amongst the wealthiest nations in the world. Countries like, United Kingdom, France and Germany are power engines of world economy. The numbers of products manufactured in these nations are significant. Now, with such a mass production there is always going be waste that will be thrown in landfills or water reserves. Therefore, the process of recycling in these nations occupies a significant place.

Countries like England and Germany are already looking into this process seriously and working out on best possible solutions.  These nations are not only using this process seriously but are also spreading right amount awareness about it to educate and inform more and more people.  In most European schools this subject is given prime importance. Kids are taught about the environmental problems we are facing and how they can be combated using this process.

Environmental waste had always been a cause of concern in European nations. The percentage of rubbish thrown in landfills increased tremendously in late nineties and this trend kept on growing after that.  Such kind of situation was not only getting deeper but also very dangerous. This is where separate environmental units were set up that monitored the progress of industries in entire Europe.

One of the main agenda of these units was to promote recycling in all industries.  Till know, their involvement with most industries are reaping beneficial results for both environment and economy. Not only the main nations in Europe strengthening this process in their backyard but also helping other nations to come up to pace with them.  The role of European Union in this matter is also worth mentioning. They laid out special programs targeting the environmental issues and approached them with following principles:


1)      Waste prevention

2)      Recycling and Reuse

3)      Improving final disposal and monitoring


Recycling is a big process when we look into future and Europe as a nation holds special responsibility is making sure that this process is successful. So far the efforts made in this direction are satisfactory but still much more work is required.