A business based that is based more on values than profits

At Shabra we are always looking for opportunities to create a healthier and greener tomorrow. All our efforts and processes are dominated by a single thought of serving the environment…

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Benefits of Electronic recycling

A product creates environmental impacts throughout its lifecycle, from raw…

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Benefits of paper recycling

Paper recycling has been around for a long time. Actually,…

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Benefits of going green

You will agree that ‘Go Green’, has been the most…

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How recycling helps in Nation’s Progress

There will always be countless environmental benefits of recycling, regardless…

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Why plastic recycling cannot be ignored

We owe so much to the environment we live in;…

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How recycling helps the environment

A healthy environment results in a healthy living. We all…

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The power of recycling to society and nation

The separation and collection of materials that otherwise would be…

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Learn how through recycling waste can be put back in use

With ever rising human population the needs of people all…

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How to make money using recycled products

Recycling can be as good for the pocket as it…

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Supporting Local. Supporting the Environment.

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